Pool or Spa Water Group Pricing

Pool or Spa Water Group Pricing
  • Item #: Pool & Spa Test Group Pricing

Pool & Spa Groupings:

  1. Total Coliforms
  2. E. coli
  3. HPC &
  4. Pseudomonas


  1. FREE sampling & shipping supplies, & sample-taking tips;
  2. Shipped FREE to your location;
  3. FREE Overnite Shipping of your water samples back to our lab for testing;
  4. 24-Hr. Analysis  providing specific levels (if any) of Pseudomonas a. bacteria;
  5. FREE Faxing of analysis results, immediately upon test completion;
  6. Hard copies mailed to you;
  7. MONDAY-FRIDAY sampling & shipping to our Lab— results WILL be faxed to you on WEEKENDS.


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Price $130.00